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About Duval Union Consulting

Our goal is to make organisations future proof. We use our own methodologies to help you understand how your business is changing and provide you with the strategy and concrete steps to create and capture value in our exponentially evolving world.

We walk the talk and intend to take the consulting business to the next level ourselves.

Duval Union Consulting has been in business since 2009, when Jo Caudron & Dado Van Peteghem created DearMedia. They grew the company into a team of 8 consultants and became the heart of the Duval Union ecosystem in 2015.

We help you solve business problems

We believe that everything we do should contribute to the current or future bottom line of your business.

We practice what we preach

We are early adopters in everything digital and social. We love speaking from experience.

We are thought leaders

We are chefs, not cooks, and frequent Keynote speakers about Digital Transformation, Social Media, Blockchain,…

We use proven methodologies

We’ve designed our own methodologies, which we have enrolled and sharpened in numerous projects.

We are pragmatic and to the point

Consultants don’t need to be fluffy, we make things tangible and operational as strategy can’t succeed without good execution.

We are part of an ecosystem

We are a proud member of the Duval Union ecosystem, which gives us access to a large pool of expertise.

Our powerhouse of odd DUCs

Jo Caudron
Jo CaudronFounding partner
Jo is active in the online world for over 2 decades. He (co-)founded over a dozen of internet-related companies.
Dado Van Peteghem
Dado Van PeteghemFounding partner
Dado helps companies build sustainable digital & social strategies. He is co-author of the Digital Transformation book.
Klaus Lommatzsch
Klaus LommatzschFounding partner
Klaus is a seasoned marketing, research & communications expert, he takes great pride in delivering results for brands.
Marc Bresseel
Marc BresseelFounding partner
Marc has a powerful global network from his international jobs at IBM, Microsoft, MSN and IPG Mediabrands.
Geert Martens
Geert MartensPartner
Geert helps companies deliver superior customer experiences through 18 years of management consulting expertise.
Ward Hemeryck
Ward HemeryckSenior Consultant
Ward has almost a decade of experience in IT and Digital Marketing and has a profound knowledge of B2B enterprises.
Nick Vinckier
Nick VinckierConsultant
Nick is a Storyteller and a Social Media & Growth expert with experience both strategically and practically.
Jo de Ridder
Jo de RidderConsultant
As a consultant Jo helps businesses brace themselves against an age of digital disruption.
Sam Wouters
Sam WoutersConsultant
Sam is a Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence consultant and speaker. He also helped write the Digital Transformation book.
Laura Boone
Laura BooneConsultant
Laura draws from her experience in law and marketing, combined with a passion for digital, business and transformation.
Liesa Coulleit
Liesa CoulleitConsultant
Liesa is a young creative mind who’s passionately curious about social media, marketing and digital transformation.
Charles Decree
Charles DecreeConsultant
Charles helps our clients with understanding the impact of future digital breakthroughs for businesses.

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