Battle of Disruption: kick start your Digital Transformation

Every organization, big or small, business or governmental, will be impacted by the exponential power of ‘digital’. It is just a matter of ‘when’ and ‘how’.

You can find Digital Transformation stories in your news apps on a daily basis, you can visit a Digital Transformation congress every 2 weeks and you can buy a new book on the subject of Digital Transformation every 24 hours. But, if you’re anything like me, you might also suffer from the PoB syndrome. This ‘Pile-of-Books’ syndrome hits you on a monthly basis. Another great title catches your eye and before you know it, you ordered it online. The book arrives the very next day and after browsing the cover you neatly put it on the Pile-of-Books, awaiting your planned holiday. Then that holiday comes (finally!), but unfortunately your books don’t make it to the inside of your suitcase.

So how can we get the vital, lifesaving message of Digital Transformation across? If your books don’t make it, and congresses leave you more puzzled than before, how can we raise the right level of awareness and sense of urgency when it comes to Digital Transformation? And how do we do this in a way that not only you as an individual grasp the essence, but also the group of people you work with.

Solution: let’s build a game

To tackle this issue, we’ve developed the Battle of Disruption. A high-intensity didactical approach to get the message of Digital Transformation across in a playful and fun way. The Battle of Disruption is a board game around Digital Transformation, showing the latest developments and the exponential ‘digital’ impact on businesses, consumers and citizens.

The goal is to come to a mutually shared sense of urgency about the possible impact of ‘digital’ to the organisation. The game makes Digital Transformation comprehensible and allows its participants to quickly grasp the different aspects involved, all while establishing a first sense of impact of ‘digital’ on the organisation. The core of the game is formed around the book ‘Digital Transformation of Jo Caudron and Dado van Peteghem, founding partners of Duval Union Consulting. Five years after its initial publication, this book is still a bestseller, sold in over 55 countries worldwide. The authors successfully condensed over 40 ‘drivers of transformation’ into  7 appealing metaphors. These metaphors prove to be a strong framework for any firm or organization to understand the concepts of digital transformation and digital disruption and to draft the impact on the firm.

The battle of Disruption

The Battle of Disruption is set up around a big board, where 4 teams of 2 to 4 people undertake the transformation journey. Films, puzzles, questions and incoming tweets lead to a dazzling competition, where the teams try to disrupt each other in a friendly way, of course. On a frequent interval the switch is made towards the firm at stake. What is the impact of a certain metaphor on the future of the company?

At the end of the game, when the Bitcoins are counted and the winners are celebrated, a first draft picture of the impact of ‘digital’ appears on the Radar of Disruption.

The contestants go home with their own copy of the book, ‘Digital Transformation’, where it appears never to reach the infamous PoB.

The Battle of Disruption combines a common understanding of Digital Transformation on the one hand, and a shared sense of urgency on the other hand. This results in the best possible kick start for Digital Transformation. Of course, if needed, Duval Union Consulting subsequently offers a short cycle of very pragmatic workshops to deep dive into the most relevant metaphors and to construct a digital strategy for the future.

The game is suitable for both business firms as well as governmental entities. And can be played on all levels of the organization. From Board level to the people of the work floor (as it is also their future!).

A positive quote of one of our +75 satisfied customer-teams who played the game:

“To be honest, I am not so much into games. However, by playing the Battle of Disruption you learn to look to the future in a different way. This intrigued me. It made me look at the future with a different perspective and it makes me want to lead the way towards this future together with our employees.”
Hermann Jaeger, concern board member Urban Planning of municipality of Rotterdam

So finally, a few burning question to ask you:

  • Do you have a clear enough view on the recent developments of this exponential ‘digital’ era? And is everyone in your team on board?
  • Do you have a vision on the anticipated impact of ‘digital’ to your organization? What is likely to happen and when?
  • Did you adopt ‘digital’ into your strategy or is it still ‘a subject on the side’? I.e. do you have a digital strategy?

To find the answers, take a first step and just play the Battle of Disruption. One small step for you, one giant leap for your business.

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Looking forward to see you….in the future!

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