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We’ve all heard about the buzzwords digital transformation, disruption, digitization, and innovation. But what does it actually mean? It has been challenging for companies starting their digital transformation to find sense in all of these. You just can’t be good at something you don’t understand. What is Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation is transforming your entire

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Trendwatching is crucial for every organisation Understanding upcoming trends and making that information actionable can be a company’s strongest asset. Trends are used to get ahead of changing customer expectations, to better understand your (new) competitors, to create amazing customer-centric business models, products, services or campaigns. Trendwatching is the first step in our digital transformation

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A Story of an Outfitter Fitting In

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Culture is king and word is bond. Once you start working together, it’s of vital importance to commit to a set of shared goals that work bidirectional, from the traditional company to the startup and vice versa: 1. BE COMMITED, IT’S NOT A GAME For the company it’s important to understand that your collaboration will

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About the event On June 25th the official launch of the Corporate Venturing book by Dado Van Peteghem and Omar Mohout took place at Meetdistrict in Ghent. Over 140 people attended this event filled with keynotes by the authors, a networking event and attendees received a free copy of the book. The launch was a

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