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We are proud of and grateful to our clients


We let them do the talking

Duval Union Consulting came out strong and successfully helped us to demystify transformation, identify future challenges and find the right levers for tomorrow’s success. Nine months later we see the first tangible results appearing.
Klaas Decuypere, VP sales, marketing and business development EMEA, Aliaxis
Substance, approach and especially style made Duval Union Consulting the perfect fit to align the members of the entire management team in our digital transformation. It was a unique experience, which resulted in a shared vision of the management and widespread support throughout the company.
Barbara Torfs, Director of Marketing & Communication, Torfs
We needed an actionable strategy and framework to transform our organization and leadership. Duval Union Consulting came to our Denmark offices and took us on a journey that prepared us to define a shared by all vision for the next 3 to 5 years.
After this we asked them to come back and do a startup-bootcamp to make the ideas that came out of the strategy workshops more tangible. Now, we better understand what the impact of digital is and how we as an organization can cope with it and make ourselves truly future proof.
Chintan Kharche, Sr. Director Strategy & Marketing Intelligence, Danfoss Cooling Segment
On top of the inspiration, Duval Union Consulting provided a structured and pragmatic approach, so that Argenta can grow alongside the digital developments and online needs of its clients.
It is about daring to see the world differently, daring to overthrow the traditional approach, daring to philosophize about how it can all be different and better, because the future starts today. Duval Union Consulting is helping us to better grasp this future.
Thierry Van Zeebroeck, Ex-CEO, VAR
Thanks to a two day inspiring workshop and a thorough analysis of the 7 metaphors within the model, our organization has a deeper understanding of the challenges we face by taking the next step into the digital world.
Werner Van Gansbeke, Head of Marketing & Communication, GAMMA Belgium

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