Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: Here is how to start

With Digital Transformation in full progress across nearly all sectors, the interest in Artificial Intelligence for business is growing exponentially. Industry leaders are investing billions in its potential. AI is not just “the next big thing”, it’s the thing we always knew would happen and it is going to transform all of our organisations. (including Duval Union Consulting!)

Many questions arise around this topic: What is Artificial Intelligence and what isn’t? What is possible today? How can my organisation use AI? Will this replace my job? What can we expect in the future?

We will answer these and more in our presentation. We help you understand the impact of digital on your business and give you concrete steps to start taking action.

If your organisation wants to take the first steps in this valuable field, let’s talk ASAP! Contact us

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About the Author:

Sam is a consultant and speaker on Blockchains & Artificial Intelligence and helped write our Digital Transformation Book.