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Digital Transformation is complex and covers many aspects. It requires the mindset, means and mandate to make change happen.

We have been helping businesses to deal with the challenges of transformation for over 3 years. We were the European Pioneers of Digital Transformation with the launch of our book in 2014.

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Our unique methodology

We created our own Digital Transformation Methodology to help your organisation build its own future. Throughout the years we refined our methodology by using it in practice at our clients across all industries.


We start by looking under the hood of your organisation. We need to understand what makes you you, so that we can start saying “we” every time we talk about your organisation.

We want to understand who your clients are, how digital-savvy and engaged your employees are, what you are already doing to build a future-proof organisation and absorb anything you’re willing to throw at us.

To do this, we gather insights from your employees, we interview key stakeholders and thoroughly look into your organisation.


We help you understand how the world around you is really changing and what impact this has on your organisation.

We show you examples of our seven metaphors of disruption, which each represent a part of how the world is digitally transforming.

We’re not talking about statements like “By 2025 your industry will save X billion because of innovation Y”. We will give you an overview of organisations & startups building the future, explain their business models, long-term game and strategic decisions.


When you know how the world is changing today and what everyone is betting on, it becomes easier to predict the next 3-7 years. We will help you define these futures.

Together we create the strategy to help you build towards the most likable future, while keeping in mind the most likely one.

Finally we assess what this strategy will take in terms of your people, processes and platforms.


With your strategy defined, we work out which practical steps you need to take to work towards the most likable future.

This ranges from developing new types of solutions and business models, to launching corporate startups, initiating partnerships, setting up a governance structure, and much more.

You will find that some of the ideas that come up in this phase already existed in the organisation, however now they are no longer ad-hoc ideas, but part of a bigger strategic plan.


This is the blueprint of your Transformation. It brings together all strategic steps in terms of people, processes, platforms and projects in one overview.

We split these steps up in 2 layers:
a layer of “fixing the basics” of digitisation, and a layer of on-top transformation.

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