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You can change all you want about your organisation, customer relationships and products & services, but if your business model is outdated, there will be none of that in the future.

We can help you work with the right business models and create additional revenue streams through new ventures and collaborations.


Challengers don’t make money the way you do

What exactly is your business model and can you explain it in 5 simple sentences?

Innovation is not for products alone. Learn from challengers and their business models. Why are they winning? What are they doing differently? And how is the market responding?

Dare to challenge your own business model to drive innovation from within.

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Making speed in a corporate world

Want to learn how to work like a start-up and build a minimum viable business case?

During the bootcamp sessions, we will create a business plan and a roadmap to bring your solution to fruition in a fast and agile way. Know what you’re selling, understand your customer, figure out how you’ll make it happen, set a realistic budget and an unrealistic timeframe.

We will give your employees a shift in mindset to build the future-proof organisation.

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Inside-out innovation

Do you have an organisation with the right mindset and good ideas, but no tangible projects and real innovation? An internal hackathon might be just what you need to break the status quo.

Together we will define the main objective of your inside-out innovation program.

Employees then get to pitch their ideas to a jury to scope out the valuable projects. We will turn the best ideas into MVP business plans and get the viable ones funded, developed and launched.

This initiative does not only lead to bottom-up innovation, but also helps grow the digital culture of your organisation.

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Outside-in innovation

Not all innovation will come inside-out, future-proof organisations enable third-parties to build more value on their platforms.

We will help you set up an accelerator, scout and signal the market for participants and define how your organisation can help these startups achieve exponential growth.

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