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You want your organisation to be relevant and valuable in a world of exponential innovation, a world in which you are challenged from all directions.

To become a future-proof organisation, you will not only need to adapt what you do, but also how you do it.

It starts with the people, leadership and governance.


Handling the Transformation of your Organisation

Traditional organisation structures are not built to handle transformation well, people are bad at dealing with change.

You will need speed in decision-making, budget allocation, cross-department projects and experimentation if you want to become a future-proof organisation.

Together, we will create a governance model and framework so you can deal with digital transformation in a continuous manner.

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Assess, contain and develop digital savviness

People are the most important aspect of becoming a future-proof organisation. To transform, you will need their talent, insight and devotion to your cause.

To get that out of them, you will need to lead by example. If your organisation’s leadership has a low digital DNA, the company will have a low digital DNA.

We will help you assess, contain and develop digital leadership, so it can positively impact your entire organisation.

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How to grow your organisation exponentially

Inspired by Singularity University’s ‘Exponential Organizations’ vision, Duval Union Consulting has designed a framework for organisations to adapt and thrive in a world of abundance.

We help you dive into new organisational structures that leverage exponential technologies and a shifting global business mindset.

Our methodology defines the essential building blocks, spanning digital governance, organisational structure, infrastructure, skills and competences, that you need to win in our exponentially evolving world.

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