Influencer Marketing

Boost the impact of social media on your go-to-market, business results and image.

Up to recently, social media marketing has been very much about gathering fans and followers. And today, many companies still are using social media tactically by posting updates to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. With little or no measurable effect on business.

With Influencer Marketing, we can dramatically boost the impact of social media on your go-to-market, business results and image. Influencers are often no ambassadors at the start of the Influencer program, but this program can become your unfair advantage versus your competitors.

Given the massive amplification of word-of-mouth through social media, leveraging the influence some individuals have over potential buyers is a major contributor to sales. And it’s not just about celebrities or popular bloggers or their ‘Reach’ : it’s much more about finding everyday consumers that can have just as large an impact, ‘Resonance’, on their peers with much more ‘Relevance’.

This methodology already proved its worth for many brands throughout various categories. Carole Lamarque, developed this knowledge for the Belgian market, after many years of launching products and services with market influencers for products such as Yelo, Cloud Computing, en different energy providers.

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Influencer Marketing is effective

Pass on rates for key positive messages can increase a company’s market share by as much as 10% over a 2-year period


Brand advocates are 70% more likely to be seen as a good source of information by people around them


Amongst Millennials, 73% find it is their responsibility to help their friends and family make smart purchases


Negative messages can reduce market share by as much as 20% over a 2-year period eg. Blackberry

6 Step proven methodology

At Duval Union Consulting, we have a 6 step proven methodology to develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy, implement it on your behalf and ensure it is sustained by coaching your internal teams.

1 Research, test and validate keywords to identify Influencers.

2 Individually screen Influencers and rank shortlist in terms of Reach, Relevance and Resonance.

3 Develop a long term content plan, tailored to selected Influencers.

4 Create relevant content for your go-to-market to catch Influencers attention and interest.

5 Market content to Influencers, turning them into advocates of your product or service.

6 We help your teams by transferring knowledge and have them embrace this unfair advantage.

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