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We sharpen your plans to implement new trends and create an advantage

The greatest marketing campaigns are those that are memorable and result driven. They are the ones that resonate with your audience and really create an affinity with between your customer, the message you convey and it’s relevance to your product or service.

In today’s complex digital world, there is an increasing number of different ways to reach customers. It makes it difficult for marketers to stay on top of this evolution and to ensure the right mediums are leveraged in function of the business and marketing objectives.

Duval Union Consulting offers professional marketing services ranging from strategic plan to the implementation. Multiple clients have already given us their trust for managing their marketing projects, from strategy to implementation: Lotus Bakeries, Elia, Connective, Parcelhome and SD Group.

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How we can collaborate


  • Assess your go-to-market, marketing plan & challenges.
  • Gather knowledge from experts.
  • Complement & sharpen the marketing plan.
  • An introduction workshop with an overview of the latest trends in this specific industry.


  • Detail implementation & go-to-market, roll out plans.
  • Compose expert team for executional excellence.
  • Educate internal team on the roadmap.


  • Full project management.
  • Ongoing education of internal team.
  • Continuous improvement cycle.

We sharpen

We sharpen your marketing plans to implement new trends and create an unfair advantage. We are medium neutral, as every integrated marketing plan requires an optimal choice of channels.

We share

We help your teams by transferring knowledge and have them embrace the unfair advantage.

We commit

We think and strive like business owners so we are committed to your results.

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