Why the Middle East is a Digital Powerhouse

Recently we launched our local Dubai office in partnership with luxury retailer Chalhoub Group to provide new-style digital transformation consulting throughout the Middle East (and North Africa) region.

While everybody is talking about the US & Asia, it’s more than interesting to understand what is happening in the Middle East and how they are quickly becoming a digital power house.

Read the Dutch article with Dado Van Peteghem on what we all can learn from the Middle East HERE

A quick illustration of the current state of what is happening in the UAE & the Middle East:

  • 97% of the UAE have access to the worldwide web putting the UK and USA behind at 92% and 87%.
  • Over 90% people in the United Arab Emirates carry a smartphone and use internet on hand held devices.
  • The e-commerce market in UAE alone is projected to reach an astounding $2 billions by 2018, on a total of $7 billions worldwide.
  • More than 40% of consumers have bought something online in the last month compared to the UK (26%).
  • More than half of Middle East locals will purchase online only from local initiatives. This is why local platforms like Careem and Souq.com have become popular.

We have summarized more of these interesting examples below to illustrate the initiatives and approach within the Middle East region.

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