Research Based Brand Positioning

A solid base for building your brand strategy


In our Research Based Brand Positioning offer, Duval Union Consulting offers a consumer validated and scientifically quantified alternative to traditional “gut-based” positioning. Too often, brand positioning is deprived from any consumer validation, qualitative or quantitative, and is merely based upon internal judgement and appreciation.

Under the lead of Klaus Lommatzsch, our 5 step methodology has already proven its worth for many brands throughout various categories such as Lay’s Salty Biscuits, Douwe Egberts, Campari, Mort Subite, Maes Radler, Gazet Van Antwerpen, Lotus, Marine Harvest, Spaas, Vivaldi’s, Becel, Sibomat and many more.

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Klaus Lommatzsch

5 Key Steps

Crafting the brand proposition

Crafting of brand’s proposition to answer real consumer needs.

Concept testing

Client onboarding & qualitative concept clinics to present and test concept statements.

Reworking concepts

Rework & test concept statements until they fully resonate with consumer needs and expectations.

Quantitative testing

Quantitative testing of winning concepts to gauge concept’s potential with target audience.

Communication strategy

Identification of effective levers to bring message across in communication.

Some of our

Research clients

Douwe Egberts
Gazet van Antwerpen
Marine Harvest
Mort Subite

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