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The question is not whether you are on Social Media, it is whether you are using it right. People expect more than your presence and a few posts per week, are you prepared to listen and respond to everything they have to say? Are you prepared to show your DNA and what happens behind the scenes? Can you create content that really adds value?

We have helped dozens of organizations to set up/optimize their social media, by using a set of pragmatic steps. If you’re interested too, get in touch with us.

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Our methodology


The Kick-off consists of the administration and preparation. We discuss the methodology, flow, processes, timing, planning and the workgroup.

We give Inspiration Workshops to bring together and align the internal and external stakeholders in their visions and needs. This helps to lower barriers and prejudices and makes everyone think about the opportunities and threats of social media.

In the Market Scan we analyze the online/social media presence, performance and initiatives of your competitors, partners and industry examples.

We finish up the pre-phase with Intake interviews and desk research, which allows us to map the entire situation “as is” and the situation “to be”.


What is the company vision regarding the impact of digital media on the organization? We define this in the Impact Analysis and what will happen if no action is taken.

Who are you even doing this for? What is your Target Audience? What do you want to achieve with those people? Do you want them to know who you are? Convert them? Keep them interested? We will set up Objectives & KPI’s to measure this.

These will ultimately help you to achieve your Mission, which consists of your internal and external priorities and ambitions. We base these on our 7C’s model.


Together we define the Digital Media Architecture. How do your assets relate to each other? Where do you speak and where do you listen?

We make detailed descriptions of the functions of your Digital Channels. This can be in the form of wireframes and functional design. After that is done, we do a Content Marketing Exercise together. This is based on the social media strategy, which needs content, which in turn requires a strategy.


A Social Media Policy and some guidelines are very beneficial for your company. Some common sense on what can and can’t be done by whom, guidelines for day to day situations and a code of conduct for your users. To perform at your best on Social Media, you need a (parttime) team of people to support it.

Together we’ll be making a Team Selection, to fill the different roles, define ownerships and structures. The right people need the right tools.

In the Tool Setup we make a custom social media toolkit. We can help you to set these up and even give you Trainings if you don’t have the in-house experience.


After the FireStarter Methodology is done, we can still provide you with extra Coaching and help where needed. This can in the start of a new phase or a specific individual situation. You may have the right strategy, people and tools now, but do you know how to speak to your clients?

We offer different services for Content Management and Conversation Management on social media. We determine the tone of voice, content calendar, tools, workflow and more. Feel free to contact us for more information.

FireStarter Methodology

Some of our

Social Media clients

AS Adventure
Durabrik Group
Rode Kruis
Secretary Plus
Test Aankoop
Vlaamde Land Maatschappij
  • I’m very satisfied about the work that Duval Union Consulting has delivered. We managed to shake up the people in our organisation at every level. We now have a clear strategy which is supported by everyone, content is at the top of our agenda & we’re ready to turn this content strategy into practise.

    Tom VanbelleOnline Marketing Coördinator Durabrik Group
  • We were convinced of the strength and potential of social media to invest in the relationships with our travellers, but were looking for a pragmatic way to develop a sustainable social media strategy. Together with Duval Union Consulting we worked out a plan that suits our specific needs and got our team ready to be closer to our travellers.

    Guy SablonPress and Stakeholders Communication Officer at MIVB

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