Corporate Venturing is already happening in many companies and industries, but not necessarily in the right way. Below, we list 5 of the main bad practices we encountered during our experiences. Ad hoc ‘spray and pray’ A lot of companies invest in or acquire startups that they encounter due to pure coincidence. Even in very

Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Center hosted a talk about how innovation in tech is impacting the Retail Industry. Major UAE actors of the retail were discussing the future of their industry. The event inspired us to write the below short article. IoT, mobile and data will unlock the “black box” Imagine if you could enter into a

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10 things on corporate venturing

Compared to angel investors or VCs, corporations can offer more of the ‘smart’ in ‘smart money’ and longer time horizons, say the authors of the new book Corporate Venturing Dado Van Peteghem and Omar Mohout. When a startup needs a specific asset or a capital-intensive infrastructure, corporations might even be the only option. For instance,

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Transformation of AVA