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On a weekly basis we’ll highlight 4 articles that caught our attention while doing our research. We’ll show you key events or trends in the digital world that you shouldn’t have missed this week. All articles were gathered and processed in our Trendbase tool.

Whim, the all-in-one mobility app for ridesharing, public transit and rentals is coming to the US


MaaS Global, the company behind the all-in-one mobility app Whim, which offers a subscription service for public transportation, ridesharing, bike rentals, scooter rentals, taxis or car rentals, will be making its U.S. debut later this year.

The company will choose its American launch city from Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Miami, according to Sampo Hietanen, the company’s chief executive. The Whim app is currently available in Antwerp, Birmingham, U.K., Helsinki and Vienna, according to Hietanen, and offers a range of subscription options. The top of the line version is a €500 per month all-inclusive package giving users unlimited access to ride hailing, bike and car rentals and public transportation.

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DeepMind’s AlphaStar AI Crushes Pro StarCraft Players


The artificial intelligence platform recently shut out two professional StarCraft players in a 5-0 defeat. Considered one of the most challenging real-time strategy (RTS) games, Blizzard’s StarCraft is also one of the longest-played esports of all time.

“Although there have been significant successes in video games,” the DeepMind team wrote in a blog post, “until now, AI techniques have struggled to cope with the complexity of StarCraft.” Enter AlphaStar, a deep neural network trained directly from raw game data via supervised learning and reinforcement learning.

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Uber’s Massive Data Play – Member Feature Stories


After replacing Travis Kalanick in August 2017, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is shifting the company’s focus. Though the company has always sought to become a world-class transportation platform, it has recently begun to describe itself as “Amazon for transportation”?—?an ambition which indicates the company is making a monopolistic data play.

Amazon has always been an inspiration for Uber’s leadership, but the form of that inspiration has shifted over the course of the company’s growth. Kalanick wanted to emulate Amazon’s strategy of pursuing market share and growth at the expense of profits?—?or, more accurately, with massive losses before using scale to reduce the marginal cost of expansion to turn a profit. Unfortunately for Kalanick, that strategy didn’t translate to Uber’s ride-hailing business.

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China’s next retail disruption: end-to-end value chain digitization

China retail

This shift from Digital Retail to “New Retail” is being characterised by data-driven and customer centric approach, further enabled by digitalisation through the entire value chain. As we saw with eCommerce, China’s internet giants are the primary drivers of this trend pushing traditional retailers into a new period of disruption through rapid capability building strategies via build, partner and acquisition models.

As the world’s biggest and arguably most important consumer market, China is now home to 784 million smartphone users and now social media, mPayments and eCommerce are ubiquitous parts of the shoppers journey5.

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