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A lot is going on in the Middle East in terms of digital transformation and innovation.
Every week we’re listing the most important bits and bites you shouldn’t have missed.

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We launched a Webinar on Corporate Venturing

In this inspiring webinar dedicated to Corporate Venturing, Dado Van Peteghem and Asmae Lemniei are sharing insights on how to accelerate your growth and transformation through collaboration with startups.


Dubai Future Academy launched ‘Insights of the Future’

Dubai Future Academy launched ‘Insights of the Future’; an initiative that is set to carry out series of crash course type sessions, which focus on demystifying the latest technologies by allowing participants to gain a better understanding of various technological trends, enabling them to leverage their skills and better utilize these trends for our ever-changing future.

The Dubai Future Academy aims to be a knowledge hub for those creating the future, and by offering such sessions it allows individuals to explore futuristic trends and gain a better understanding of the world around them.

Learn more about “insights of the future”

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Dubai Launched World’s First Government-Backed Cryptocurrency

Consumers in Dubai, UAE will be able to use digital currency to make retail payments in-store, pay for government utilities, telecommunication, and school fees in government shopfronts via emcash – Dubai’s digital currency launched by emcredit, a state-backed subsidiary of the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

This comes as the result of a partnership between blockchain payment provider Pundi X, Ebooc Fintech & Loyalty Labs, and emcredit – Dubai’s Credit Bureau.

Saudi megacity NEOM announced advisory board with big names in tech including Sam Altman, Travis Kalanick, Mayashi Son and Marc Andreessen

Saudi $500 billion dollars high tech megacity NEOM that was announced last year has formed an advisory board, comprising of 18 members, it announced on Twitter yesterday.

The board is made up of experts from all around the world with some of the leading names in tech.

Learn more about the new board of NEOM

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Dubai Police unveiled new patrol, rapid intervention drones

Dubai Police has unveiled a new generation of drones designed to support field and rescue operations and cover major sporting events.

The aerial vehicles feature HD and thermal imaging systems and are designed to reduce the need for human patrols.

The emirate’s police force said earlier this year it was aiming to reduce the need for street officers through a network of cameras, crowd sourcing systems and an early warning system.

Learn more about Dubai’s drones patrol

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