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Nike debuts self-fitting smart-sneaker technology as business model of future

Nike Debuts Self-Fitting Smart-Sneaker Technology As Business Model Of Future

Nike isn’t so much trying to do away with the shoelace, but rather taking on fit and customization in a completely modern way. The company debuted the Nike Adapt BB performance basketball shoe, a system that combines an advanced power-lacing system and an app to create a custom fit—and a fit that works with the athlete while creating a fresh approach to business.

“We picked basketball as the first sport for Nike Adapt intentionally because of the demands that athletes put on their shoes,” says Eric Avar, Nike vice president and creative director of innovation. “During a normal basketball game, the athlete’s foot changes, and the ability to quickly change your fit by loosening your shoe to increase blood flow and then tighten again for performance is a key element that we believe will improve the athlete’s experience.”

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Giant Food Stores rolling out googly-eyed helper robots nationwide

Giant Food Stores rolling out googly-eyed helper robots nationwide

Employees at Giant Food Stores will soon have a new googly-eyed robot coworker.

Marty, a tall grey robot assistant, will take on the aisles of all of Giant Food Stores’ 172 locations, the company said Monday. The robot can identify and report spills to customers and employees.

Marty roams the store unassisted to flag spills and other hazards using image capturing technology, according to The Washington Post. When it finds them, the robot will reportedly alert customers by saying “caution, hazard detected.” It’ll also announce the incident through the store’s public address system to notify employees, the Post said.

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How banks can turn millennials into lifelong customers

Smart banks know that the future generation of growth depends on a very specific group of consumers – Millennials.

As a group, Millennials are lost at sea when it comes to managing their personal finances, with 34 percent reporting they are unsatisfied with their current financial situation, and over 60 percent burdened by debt.

Unfortunately, while Millennials need the support of financial institutions and leaders, this generation has traditionally shown disdain for big banks, and a skepticism about financial wellness in general. Only 27 percent of Millennials have sought professional financial advice in the last five years, and four of the leading banks were ranked by Millennials as a least loved brand.

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Our meatless future: How the $90B global meat market gets disrupted

Will a meatless food industry featuring lab-grown meat, seafood substitutes, and insect protein be the future of food? Food giants from Tyson to Cargill are working to navigate a future where protein isn’t dominated by traditional animal sources.

At the moment, meat is still king. By some estimates, 30% of the calories consumed globally by humans come from meat products, including beef, chicken, and pork. Approximately 95 pounds of meat per capita have been consumed every year over the last few years, a number that has grown by 44 pounds since 1961.

That translates to a staggering number of animals grown for food: there are over 30 million beef cows in the US, and 21 million pigs in Iowa alone. Global meat production has grown 4-5 fold globally since 1961 — all to meet the growing demand for animal products from a growing global population.

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