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On a weekly basis we’ll highlight 4 articles that caught our attention while doing our research. We’ll show you key events or trends in the digital world that you shouldn’t have missed this week. All articles were gathered and processed in our Trendbase tool.

This software company has a $1 billion valuation, 800 employees, and zero offices

This Software Company Has a $1 Billion Valuation, 800 Employees, and Zero Offices

“The screen has become the most important place in the world,” says Clark Valberg, CEO and founder of InVision. Whatever your company does, whether it’s a physical product or virtual service, chances are your customer experiences it significantly, and maybe entirely, on the screen of a mobile phone or computer. When today’s multibillion-dollar companies like Uber and Airbnb are born, more often than not it’s because they’ve won the war for digital real estate. Sales, marketing, customer support: “Most of your business processes are driven through that little pane of glass,” Valberg says.

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Why this city is paying people to move there

Why this city is paying people to move there

Would you move to a new city for $10,000?

That’s the hope of an organisation that wants to lure workers to Tulsa in Oklahoma, as it aims to bridge a widening gulf between large metropolitan centers and smaller ones at risk of being left behind.

Funded by the Tulsa Community Foundation and the George Kaiser Family Foundation, Tulsa Remote says it’s “looking for builders, hustlers and change-makers” to help foster the city’s growth. In exchange, it’s offering successful applicants moving expenses, monthly payments to help cover rent and shared work space.

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Facebook Workplace adds algorithmic feed, Safety Check and enhanced chat

Facebook Workplace adds algorithmic feed, Safety Check and enhanced chat

Workplace, the version of Facebook tailored to enterprises that has over 30,000 organizations as paying customers, is ramping up the service today with a rush of new features to help it competes with the likes of Slack and Microsoft’s Teams.

The additions are being announced at a new, standalone conference called Flow — the first time Facebook has built what’s likely to become a recurring event for a specific product, Workplace’s head Julien Codorniou told me in an interview. He described Workplace as “Facebook’s first SaaS startup.” He tells us that for existing clients, the goal of Flow is to show off new features that deepen employee engagement with Workplace so they can’t imagine switching away. And for enterprise software partners Facebook integrates with, it’s to foster an ecosystem surrounding Workplace so it can adapt to any business.

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A guide to corporate innovation: 19 strategies to drive innovation now

A Guide To Corporate Innovation: 19 Strategies To Drive Innovation Now

After the success of Corporate Innovation Theater, we wanted to issue a more comprehensive guide to corporate innovation. Something actionable and easy to digest. Given the importance of innovation to drive the longevity, growth, and competitiveness of large corporations, here are 19 bulletproof strategies you can use to look innovative.

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