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On a weekly basis we’ll highlight 4 articles that caught our attention while doing our research. We’ll show you key events or trends in the digital world that you shouldn’t have missed this week. All articles were gathered and processed in our Trendbase tool.

The economics and tradeoffs of ad-funded smart city tech

The economics and tradeoffs of ad-funded smart city tech

In order to have innovative smart city applications, cities first need to build out the connected infrastructure, which can be a costly, lengthy, and politicized process. Third-parties are helping build infrastructure at no cost to cities by paying for projects entirely through advertising placements on the new equipment. I try to dig into the economics of ad-funded smart city projects to better understand what types of infrastructure can be built under an ad-funded model, the benefits the strategy provides to cities, and the non-obvious costs cities have to consider.

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Waymo launches self-driving car service Waymo One

Waymo launches self-driving car service Waymo One

Waymo, the former Google self-driving project owned by parent company Alphabet, is launching a commercial robotaxi service in the Phoenix area. Dubbed Waymo One, this milestone for the company and nascent self-driving technology industry comes with caveats.

The Waymo One self-driving car service, and accompanying app, won’t be available to just anyone. And for now, the company says it will have Waymo-trained test drivers behind the wheel (even though the company already has driverless vehicles on public roads in Phoenix).

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The Sorry State of digital transformation

The Sorry State of Digital Transformation

Despite the imperative of digital transformation, organisations are reluctant to take the necessary digital steps, according to research from Forrester. The research firm surveyed business leaders on their digital change finding many fundamentally misunderstood the strategy and most were dangerously complacent around its biggest risk.

In August, fellow analysts from Gartner delivered a scathing assessment of digital transformation in Australia and more recently some of the country’s digital leaders have outlined their own concerns about the state of digital in Australia.

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JD.com opens high-tech indoor farm in Beijing

JD.com opens high-tech indoor farm in Beijing

BEIJING — China’s No. 2 e-commerce operator JD.com has opened a hydroponic vegetable factory in Beijing, seeking to win over the growing ranks of middle-income families worried about food safety. JD.com said Thursday that the factory, built by Mitsubishi Chemical, is part of a strategic partnership with the Japanese company.

The $3.56 million factory, situated in Beijing’s Tongzhou district, is one of the country’s largest at some 11,000 sq. meters and can produce vegetables in a clean and controlled environment. With annual capacity of about 300 tons, it will grow lettuce and about five other leafy vegetables. JD.com will begin online sales soon.

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