Duval Union Consulting the Netherlands is born

We ended 2017 with a BANG! when we launched our Middle East office and the start of 2018 couldn’t get any better either. We’re so proud to be officially launching our new office in the Netherlands too.

The story of Duval Union Consulting

Duval Union Consulting, founded by Dado Van Peteghem and Jo Caudron, pioneered the term ‘Digital Transformation’ in Europe with the launch of their book ‘Digital Transformation’ in 2013. Ever since, we guided 150 companies in many different industries to advise management teams on their Digital Transformation Strategy and Growth Strategy in a digital-first world.

We are management advisors, business consultants and make organizations future-proof through real change. We help companies with our new style consulting approach.

As a result we have been able to grow our consulting team to 20 people and scale our services far beyond the Belgian borders. We ended 2017 with a BANG with the opening of our Middle East office and now we’re happy to start 2018 with other great news: the opening of our office in the Netherlands.

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Expanding to the Netherlands

A lot of Dutch organizations struggle on how to transform in times of absolute disruption. We believe that those companies need new style management consultants that take a deep dive into their business to create understanding and insights but at the same time dare to be disruptive and challenging.

For that reason we decided to enter the Dutch market with our unique approach guided by Director of the Netherlands Jeroen De Groot.

Jo Caudron: “We’re very pleased to announce that Jeroen De Groot has accepted the challenge of becoming our director for the Netherlands. We met him years ago and since that day he’s kept surprising us with his pragmatic and no-nonsense approach.Jeroen has been active in business transformation for the past 25 years and has won several awards in this field. We are convinced that he is the right person to help businesses in the Netherlands with their transformation. ”

Jeroen De Groot: “I’ve been admiring DUC since the first time I have read their book on Digital Transformation. Their effective, lean and reinventing approach has inspired me to take a deeper dive into digital transformation. I’m very excited to start this adventure together with the Belgian rock-n-roll experts.”

More information? 

For more information or inquiries, please contact Jo Caudron and Jeroen De Groot



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