Duval Union Consulting launches Middle East office in partnership with the leader of luxury in the Middle East, Chalhoub Group

The launch of our Middle-East Office

Since day one we’ve had a very clear mission at Duval Union Consulting:

We help traditional companies enter the digital-first world with a future proof strategy & we make companies self-reliant to successfully cope with permanent change.

We have been helping organizations with digital transformation since we first published our book in 2013, which is now being sold in over 55 countries. This allowed us to build a strategic consulting framework used by 150 companies in many different industries. As a result we have been able to grow our consulting team to 20 people and scale our services beyond the Benelux borders to help companies across Europe in their digital transformation.

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Eight months ago, we took another step in our international expansion when we started working together with luxury player Chalhoub Group in Dubai on their digital transformation. It became clear to us that expanding our services geographically would not only offer us more exciting challenges but enable us to succeed in our mission on a global scale.

It is therefore with a lot of pride, that we announce our international expansion with the launch of our office in Dubai – in partnership with Chalhoub Group.

Patrick Chalhoub, Co-CEO of Chalhoub Group commented “As a luxury retailer we want to grasp the opportunity of digitization to optimally connect with our customer. Duval Union Consulting has been of great help for us in building our strategy, digital agenda and SHIFT team for transformation. We strongly believe this structural partnership will allow us to learn and benefit from each other in this exciting and rapidly evolving market.”

As of January 2018 a joint venture will be created to provide digital transformation consulting in the MENA region (United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, India, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria) as well as in South America in Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile and Peru.

“As of December 2017, we will expand our transformation mission into the regions of the Middle East, North Africa and South America from our international office. We will continue to service our (growing amount of) European customers from our Belgian headquarters, based in Ghent. Nick Vinckier will form the liaison with the Belgian office and relocate to Dubai as chief strategy to kickstart the operations in the Middle East office. It’s a great honor to set up this partnership with Chalhoub Group. This is a new chapter for Duval Union Consulting and surely not the last one. We want to make use of this opportunity to thank the team to make this happen, for their entrepreneurial mindset and their unconditional drive.” Dado Van Peteghem – Co-CEO Duval Union Consulting


For more information or inquiries please contact Dado Van Peteghem, dado.vanpeteghem@duvalunion.com

About Duval Union Consulting

Duval Union Consulting has been in business since 2009, when Jo Caudron & Dado Van Peteghem created DearMedia. They grew the company into a team of 20 consultants and became the heart of the Duval Union ecosystem in 2015.

Our goal is to make organizations future-proof. We use our own methodologies to help organizations understand how their ecosystem is changing and provide them with the strategy and concrete steps to create value in a rapidly evolving world.

Our proprietary methodology helps clients in every field of activity: from product to service companies, from consumer to B2B to industrial markets, from profit to non-profit to public organizations and institutions.

We walk the talk and intend to take the consulting business to the next level.

About Chalhoub Group

The Chalhoub Group is the leading partner for luxury across the Middle East since 1955. As an expert in retail, distribution and marketing services based in Dubai, the Group has become a major player in the beauty, fashion and gift sectors regionally.

By blending its Middle East expertise and intimate knowledge of luxury, the Chalhoub Group is building brands in the region, by offering service excellence to all its partners and a unique experience to its customers.

With a growing workforce of more than 12,000 people, implemented in 14 countries, as well as operating over 650 retail stores, the Group’s success is attributed to its most valued asset: highly skilled and dedicated teams. Professionalism and passion are what fuel the Chalhoub Group’s competitive edge in today’s market.

By being committed to implementing sustainable practices into their business, the Chalhoub Group was awarded in 2016, for the fourth consecutive year, the CSR Label from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and has been accepted in 2014 as a new member of the United Nations Global Compact Community. The group is also signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP).

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