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Geert Reyniers joins Duval Union Consulting as Global Head of Healthcare.

Duval Union Consulting, the breakthrough company specialising in Business Transformation with presence in Europe and the Middle East has announced the recruitment of Geert Reyniers to head up its global healthcare practice.

Following the recent appointment of former Unilever CEO Nils van Dam as Global Head of Food and Retail and Hendrik Bærentsen as head of MENA venturing, Duval Union Consulting has made another key appointment by onboarding Geert Reyniers.

Geert Reyniers, who has an exceptional track record in business excellence, digital health and innovation, will in his new role guide a diverse range of public and private healthcare organizations to transform in order to become future-proof in a digital-first world.

“During my different assignments and interactions with diverse corporations and care givers in the healthcare market, it has become clear that many of them are asking for help to better understand how the healthcare landscape is changing and how they can develop a sound strategy and take concrete steps to create and capture value in this exponentially evolving world.”, said Geert Reyniers. “I believe Duval Union Consulting has a unique Digital Transformation framework to address these needs.” By onboarding Geert Reyniers, Duval Union Consulting will expand its focus and expertise within the healthcare sector, an industry that has encountered ever increasing digital disruption and digitalization over the past years. Geert’s 25+ years of international expertise in healthcare, combined with his entrepreneurial and problem-solving attitude will be an invaluable asset to help reshape the healthcare industry of the future.

‘After the successful launch of our food & retail practice with Nils van Dam we are very proud to take a deep dive in the healthcare sector together with Geert Reyniers. We truly believe there are a lot of opportunities in this area for those who are ready to embrace the future. Geert’s thorough expertise will allow us to assist healthcare organisations in their transformation journey to thrive in this digital world. We are really looking forward to what is to come’, commented Dado Van Peteghem, Founding partner and co-CEO at Duval Union Consulting.

Before joining Duval Union Consulting, Geert held the position of Vice-President, Digital Health at Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care, based in Copenhagen. Prior to that he has worked in leading pharma and medical technology companies such as AbbVie, Stryker, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Janssen Pharmaceutica (Johnson & Johnson).

Contact Geert Reyniers:

Geert Reyniers
+32 468 06 66 30
Twitter: @GeertReyniers

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