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Our people have a unique DNA.

They are pragmatic advisors, inspirators, coaches and entrepreneurs.











Jo Caudron

Founding Partner

Jo is active in the online world for over 2 decades. He (co-)founded over a dozen of internet-related companies.

Dado Van Peteghem

Founding Partner

Dado Van Peteghem is one of the leading experts in the digital sector. He is a frequent keynote speaker and entrepreneur. He’s the co-founder of Duval Union Consulting & several startups like Social Seeder, Speakersbase and TrendBase, giving more than 150 speeches per year internationally.

Nils van Dam

CEO & Global Head of Food and Retail

Nils, is an experienced business leader with over more than 20 years of experience at CEO level in global, regional and local roles. He has a deep knowledge of the food and beverage industry and skills in general management, digital transformation, marketing and customer development.

Klaus Lommatzsch

Founding Partner

Klaus is a seasoned marketing, research & communications expert. He takes great pride in delivering commercial results for brands. He has got no less than 10 Effie awards on his personal track list to vouch for that.

Geert Martens

Senior Consultant

Geert helps companies deliver superior customer experiences through 18 years of management consulting expertise.

Geert Reyniers

Global Head of Healthcare

Geert heads the Healthcare practice of Duval Union Consulting, where he helps a diverse range of public and private healthcare organizations to transform in order to become future-proof in a digital-first world. Geert is passionate about digital health, value-based innovation and how digital transformation can lead to a more sustainable healthcare model. His 25+ years of international expertise in healthcare, combined with his entrepreneurial and problem-solving attitude, make Geert a frequently consulted Digital Transformation advisor and keynote speaker.

Marc Bresseel

Founding Partner

Marc has a powerful global network from his international jobs at IBM, Microsoft, MSN and IPG Mediabrands.

Nick Vinckier

Managing Director MENA

Nick heads the MENA office of Duval Union Consulting, where he helps large corporates transform their organization to become future-proof in a digital-first world. His entrepreneurial attitude and expertise in marketing & growth strategy make Nick a sought-after management advisor.

Ward Hemeryck

Senior Consultant

Ward has almost a decade of experience in IT and Digital Marketing and has a profound knowledge of B2B entreprises.

Francesco Cilurzo

Senior Consultant

Jo de Ridder

Senior Consultant

As a consultant Jo helps businesses brace themselves against an age of digital disruption.

Laura Boone

Senior Consultant

Laura draws from her experience in law and marketing, combined with a passion for digital, business and transformation.

Henrik Bærentsen

Director Corporate Venturing MENA

Henrik heads up our Corporate Venturing in MENA. He is an experienced business leader and entrepreneur. He has worked Copenhagen, Shanghai, London and in UAE for the last 7 years, in various director positions. Henrik works closely with our clients on bridging today and the future through collaboration and co-creation!

Aitor Somers

Senior Consultant

Aitor has a +7 years background in brand communication, digital marketing & IT. During his period at he witnessed the impact of transforming from a print monopoly company to a digital player in a highly competitive market. Now he’s determined to help other companies embrace change & transform their business.

Charles Decree


Charles helps our clients with understanding the impact of future digital breakthroughs for businesses.

Tuur Devooght


Tuur combines his strategic creativity, business engineering background and 4 years of international consulting experience on large digitalisation and digital transformation projects to help companies define a future proof business strategy.

Louis Cnudde


Louis is a young, motivated business consultant with a marketing and project management background. He's a great asset to every team and he's determined to get the best out of every case.

Martial Dahan


Martial is a disruptive thinker, he co-founded several startups and has a strong knowledge of growth strategy and product management.

Maxim Van Meenen


Maxim is a marketer on paper, but a problem solver at heart. With his new age thinking and hunger for trends he wants to show the impact of digital and help businesses find a way to jump these hurdles.

Emily De Baets