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We’re launching our Vision Slide deck on the Future of Mobility!

A lot has already been said and written about the future of mobility, mostly from a digital transformation perspective and focussing exclusively on how technological evolutions are shaping the future. But this particular vision slidedeck is not your average white paper on mobility. It offers a holistic framework on how we can interpret the changes at hand and how this will affect the future of mobility.

We have reached a tipping point in history. The impact of technological evolutions, combined with societal transformation, is huge. Different shifts are coinciding: from car ownership to car sharing, from manually driven gasoline powered cars to autonomous electric vehicles. At the same time, companies like Google and Facebook weighing in on the mobility question: they are providing housing for their employees and encouraging circular living, resulting in a decreasing need for car ownership. Will other companies follow?

It goes without saying that these changes will have a massive influence on several industries and the impact will be felt far beyond the mobility industry.

While technology and innovation initially enabled us to move more, faster and further, it also added to global problems, such as pollution, congestion and health issues. Advanced technological evolutions, combined with a societal sense of urgency enable us to find solutions to move less, but in a different and smarter way.

The future of how we work, live and move around are tightly intertwined. These 3 forces, each with their own perfect storm, will create a metastorm that will bring about a huge transformation in our society.

The world is round

To understand exactly what is happening around the world we covered the following topics in this vision slidedeck:

  1. How the future of mobility is tightly connected to everything else
  2. Mobility in the 20th century. How we got to our current way of living, working, housing and moving around.
  3. Designing a sustainable model for mobility in the 21st century.
  4. What we will need to make it happen

In 2019 we will release a new book covering this holistic approach, next to other vision papers or slide decks on several topics such as work, living, education… More information soon.

In the meantime  you can download our vision slide deck here.

Download our Vision Slidedeck

Enjoy reading and viewing.

Aitor, Jo & Geert

PS: Do you want more information, discuss or further explore the implications for your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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