Transformation of AVA

Digital Disruption in the retail industry

As is true for any traditional retailer today, AVA too is seeing the impact of digital disruption in their industry.

Pure online players are entering their market while introducing new conditions.
Smaller local shops are using the power of online to expand their territory.
Competition is becoming more fierce as the market becomes more saturated and price comparison becomes the norm.
Loyalty is becoming more important, yet harder to nurture.
The identity of shops is transforming from point of sales to experience centers.
Consumers’ preferences are changing as they are switching from paper to digital and quantity over quality. Where they previously depended on their direct network and store expertise, they are now influenced by a wide range of actors from all over the world.

AVA has always been able to build its brand on a strong local presence and mainly mouth-to-mouth advertising. Today, AVA understands that to maintain their position in a digital world, a new strategy will become necessary.

The impact of Digital for AVA

Inspired by our book on Digital Transformation, AVA reached out to Duval Union Consulting to guide them on this new but interesting journey.

Together we held an intense 2 day workshop session to increase insight into the impact of digital disruption and create a north star vision and strategy for the future of AVA.

We discussed AVA’s ambitions with regard to their competition, the relationship with the customer, new products and business models and the change needed within the organization to make everything happen.

During these 2 days, DUC introduced the concept of the Hybrid Customer Journey. The hybrid journey is our vision to future proof traditional retailers to re-claim their position by investing in new retail real-estate only available to those with a great local presence.

We concluded the session with a North Star Vision for AVA to become empowered in a digital world and a digital agenda listing the different programs to tackle to make the transformation happen.

Today we are happy to see that the enthusiasm and sense for initiative is strong within AVA. We are proud to have been given the opportunity to be their partner in this journey and continue to closely follow their progress.