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Why we launched a trendwatching platform

Trendwatching is crucial for every organisation

Understanding upcoming trends and making that information actionable can be a company’s strongest asset.

Trends are used to get ahead of changing customer expectations, to better understand your (new) competitors, to create amazing customer-centric business models, products, services or campaigns.

Trendwatching is the first step in our digital transformation methodology and the book we wrote about it, Digital Transformation: a model to master digital disruption. Companies often don’t have an idea how digital is transforming their industry.

By gathering qualitative data, the impact of these trends on their activities becomes visible. Companies who aren’t aware or act too late can lose significant market share or even worse; go bankrupt.

We all know the Blockbuster’s case. Had they been able to identify & understand the trend of online streaming and the shift in customer expectation it would bring, they would have drawn the longer straw.

Fuel your innovation culture & process

Incorporating trendwatching as an activity in your organisation helps you to be aware of how the world around you is changing. The insights you gather are the foundation for rethinking your strategy or for creating new business models, products, services or campaigns.

Understanding trends and acting upon them will fuel your innovation process and culture.

Companies like Amazon and Google make this a strategic objective and keep reinventing themselves to stay ahead of the competition and new customer expectations.

Set up your own corporate radar

Trendwatching is a crucial, continuous process for each organization. We believe you shouldn’t only rely on consultants or annual reports. We want to empower any organization to become a learning organization by setting up their own radar team.

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Taking the process in your own hands helps you to:

  • Think about your future and step out your daily operations on a regular basis
  • Gain real-time insights in how your sector is evolving
  • Apply insights directly to ongoing projects
  • Create new projects based on insights
  • Create a culture of innovation
  • Create awareness around the impact of trends through the whole organization

Trendbase as a trendwatching tool

And that’s why we launched Trendbase. Our new tool (bèta) helps organisations to gather and categorize industry trends, identify those trends and add context to them and to share that knowledge within your organization to inspire and educate people and finally to take action.

Some of our first clients include Unilin, Ici Paris XL, Hogeschool Gent.

Would you like to gather more information on how they are using Trendbase or would you like to get a demo?

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’d be happy to guide you.

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